Fire Extinguisher Inspection Adelaide

Providing Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services in Adelaide

When you require a fire extinguisher inspection for your Adelaide property, choose Fire System Services. As specialists with over 35 years of experience in the industry, we only use the latest technology and employ highly trained staff so that you are confident about the safety of your fire systems.

Fire extinguisher inspection services in Adelaide ensure that your equipment is safe and effective in case of fire-related accidents. We serve clients ranging from residents and business owners to the federal and state governments. Our maintenance program involves testing the fire safety of your equipment according to Australian standards. We can repair and replace your equipment, document all the work, and issue an inspection certificate.

We also offer 24-hour services if you need us to check your systems and equipment. Our staff has self-contained vehicles ready to deal with most problems immediately.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Adelaide
Fire Extinguisher Inspection Adelaide

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Inspection for Adelaide Properties

Fire extinguisher inspection is essential for any Adelaide facility or building. This service verifies that everything is in working order. Since this can be a complex process, businesses should contact a company specialising in fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance. However, employees and business owners need to understand what a fire extinguisher inspection entails.

Businesses usually hire a reputable fire extinguisher inspection company in Adelaide, such as Fire System Services. Besides standard checks, we will look at the date of your last service and see if your fire extinguishers need servicing. We also allow our customers to bring extinguishers to our workshop to check and refill them.

We will check for the correct positioning in the building, adherence to safety signage, and fire extinguisher labeling. Our technicians are also available to install new fire extinguishers if necessary.

Choose Fire System Services for Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Adelaide

As fire extinguisher inspection professionals in Adelaide, we are always happy to provide courteous and exceptional service. We use an open approach and pay close attention to your fire protection demands. We fulfil our deadlines and finish tasks on time.

Our fire extinguisher inspection specialists have all the qualifications, including a Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing. With our FPAS accreditation, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your system is in certified and capable hands.

We also serve several corporations based in Adelaide, including building and construction firms, real estate/strata managers, and property developers. Our experts are trained to quickly identify problems and repair systems while minimising disruption in your residence or workplace. With our commitment to all technical aspects of the job, our technicians are constantly updated with the latest standards and technologies.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Adelaide

Book a fire extinguisher inspection in Adelaide today to ensure that your fire extinguishers are working so you can effectively use them during emergencies.

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