Aviation Services

Our Services Include:

  • Asset Procurement

  • Aviation Fire Equipment

  • Aviation Oxygen Cylinder Testing

  • Aircraft Fire & Smoke Detection Systems

  • Life Raft Maintenance & Certification

  • High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

Aviation Component Maintenance

About Aviation Fire Systems Australia

As a service provider of Aviation Portable Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Air Bottles, Emergency Floatation Devices Cylinders such as Lift Rafts and Floats, Gas cylinders, and Oxygen Bottles, We Provide Gas Cylinder services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Aviation Fire Systems Australia provides sustainment in aircraft aviation services involving testing and releasing various aircraft pressurised bottles.  Workshop services can range from testing aircraft fire safety cylinders, oxygen life support cylinders, and inflation cylinders to structural testing of aviation hydraulic pressure lines.  We’re able to provide support services to a wide variety of clients from private operators/customers, to the Australian Defence Force.

A well-equipped workshop with over 300 square meters of floor space,  The workshop can perform various tasks, including non-destructive testing on numerous aircraft fuselage components, fixed-wing & rotary-wing, and associated equipment.


Aviation Services for gas and fire bottles: hydrostatic testing and refilling.

Civil Aviation

Fire System Services has been certified by CASA for Aviation Services as a CAR-30 for Charter Aviation.

Defence Aviation

Aviation Fire Systems Australia works under DASR 145 for Aviation Services.

Passanger Jet
Aircraft Bottle


The workshop can recharge Cylinder assemblies containing a variety of gas traffic, including  Breathable Air, Carbon Dioxide, Inflation Gas N2/Co2, and Nitrogen.

Hydrostatic Testing

We can also assist our sister company National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services, in providing service in the realm of quality-assured data-logged structural pressure testing. Our workshop capabilities allow us to provide a quality service for hydrostatic pressure testing, and our expertise will enable us to obtain highly accurate testing from .05MPa up to 1,000MPa, 500kPa up to 100,000kPa and 5bar up to 1,000bar.

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services has been servicing the aviation community since 2005.

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Military and Defence

Aviation Fire System Australia has a history of working with various defence forces worldwide.

We have established a reputation for quality support, providing various Hydrostatic, Pneumatic or NDT services for aircraft component maintenance.

Our policy is to supply on-time quality aviation support & services.

​We are happy to quote on all your aviation component maintenance testing requirements subject to international law & embargo.

Aviation Component Maintenance F18 Hornet

Aircraft Aviation Services Capabilities

Aviation Inflation Cylinders

Aviation Inflation Cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Aviation Inflation Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic retest and refill all types of inflation cylinders from Life Raft cylinders to Aviation & Aerospace cylinders for Slide, Life Rafts, Gear Blowdown, or Emergency door opening.

Aviation UAV Drone Cylinders

UAV Drone with Hydrogen Cylinder
UAV Drone Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic retest, refill & Release all types of Hydrogen Cylinders for use with UAVs – Drones.

Aircraft Emergency Air Bottles

Emergency Air Bottles

We internally clean, retest and certify Emergency Air Bottles / Tanks, such as the Emergency Air Bottles out of the Nanchang CJ6 Warbird.

Aircraft Hydraulic Hoses & Tubing

Aircraft Hoses & Tubing

Aircraft Hoses & Tubing

Aviation Fire Systems Australia has the capability of hydro testing and certifying aircraft hydraulic hoses/tubing.

Providing a data log certificate and carrying our a hydrostatic proof test to a desired test pressure such as 4700psi to a specified time period.

Upon passing, This allows us to release to items under a Quality Assured Data Log certificate and a Form 1, that they are safe to use.

Flex Lines | Fixed Stainless Steel Tubing.

Flex Lines | Fixed Stainless Steel Tubing

Aircraft Fire Bottles

Amerax Halotron Aviation Fire ExtinguishersAir
Aircraft Fire Bottles

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can certify and test aircraft fire bottles.

Aviation Oxygen Cylinders

gas bottle testing adelaide
Aviation Oxygen Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic test, re-certify & clean various oxygen cylinders. With special washing and drying techniques, we are able to offer oxygen cylinders tested and cleaned, ready to use with oxygen gas.

Aviation LPG Hot Air Balloon Cylinders

LPG Hot Air Balloon Cylinders for 10 Yearly Testing
Aviation LPG Hot Air Balloon Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic retest and certify Hot Air Balloons cylinders.

Aviation NDT Radiography Testing

using X-ray to test aviation components

Aviation NDT Radiography Testing

Aviation Fire System Australia in association with various partners provides services in Non-Destructive Testing with Radiographic Testing (RT).

This is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses either x-rays or gamma rays to examine the internal structure of manufactured components identifying any flaws or defects.

X-RAY and similar solutions for quality critical aviation components such as entire composite helicopter rotor blade.

Advanced NDT & Robotic Solutions in X-ray and Computed Systems designed to ensure your equipment functions safely and correctly each and every time.

  • Real-time product analysis helping you to identify the structural integrity and quality level of internal components.
  • Assisting you to understand if a component has failed by providing high-resolution x-ray imaging from every conceivable angle and view.
  • Live manipulation of your product while x-ray imaging to determine what is occurring under load and operation.
  • Product screening for detection of contamination and/or foreign material FOD.

xray scanning of aviation components

Require Your Aviation Bottles Hydro Tested?