Scuba Cylinder Testing & Refills

What Do We Do?

As accredited service providers, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services technicians are here to perform your Scuba Cylinder Testing and Refills in Adelaide.

We operate and manage an approved gas cylinder test station, number 720.
We are focusing and specialising in all Scuba Cylinder Tests and Refills aspects.

With more than 35 years of experience, we can help you with your Scuba cylinders.

When you work with us, you can be assured you will receive high-quality service and care from our friendly technicians, assisting you with all your needs to help you with your Scuba Cylinder Requirements in Adelaide.

Testing Requirements

  • Air Bank Cylinders test cycle is on a (10) yearly basis.

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Scuba Cylinders

Steel vs Aluminium Scuba Cylinders

Our licensed gas cylinder test station and capabilities allow us to test and refill high-pressure breathable air gas cylinders ranging from air bank and bailout cylinders to aluminium and steel scuba cylinders.

Steel Scuba Cylinders

Steel cylinders are considered more robust and more durable than aluminium cylinders.

Steel Scuba cylinders have lower total weight and better buoyancy characteristics.
What does it mean in practice?
Steel tanks shift from negative to neutral buoyancy during a dive, allowing the diver to have more consistent weight and finish the dive better balanced.

Steel Scuba cylinders have working pressures between 232 bar to 300 bar.
Scuba cylinders rated to 300 bar are heavier as they have thicker walls to be stronger. 

Aluminium Scuba Cylinders

Aluminium is a softer material requiring thicker walls to contain pressurised gas.
Aluminium Scuba cylinders also differ from steel ones with buoyancy characteristics – they tend to be slightly negatively buoyant at the beginning of the dive and positively buoyant when they are empty.

The typical working pressure of an aluminium scuba diving tank varies between 200 – 230 bar.

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Sustained Load Cracking “SLC”

Aluminium 6351-T6

6351 Aluminium Cylinders are generally recommended to be replaced with new ones. However, they can still undergo a Hydrostatic and Eddie Current Test if the owner wishes to continue to use them.

Dive Shops and Scuba refillers have the right to refuse air fills as the cylinders pose a risk due to SLC developing and the cylinder experiencing a catastrophic failure.

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Our Services

The Company offers various services to the Scuba Community within Australia.

  • Air Bank Cylinder Testing
  • Eddie Current Testing
  • Hooker Air Line Pressure Testing
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Scuba Cylinder Repaints & Repairs
  • Scuba Cylinder Refills

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