Fire and Smoke Alarm System

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The team at Fire System Services are here to provide you with the recommended fire and smoke alarm system for your home and business. As the preferred supplier for a range of Adelaide construction companies, we can provide professional and friendly technicians to assist you.

  • Family owned and operated Privately South Australian owned company specialising in essential safety provisions for fire maintenance and equipment.
  • 35 years of industry experience Providing a range of specialised electrical and mechanical fire services including inspection, testing and maintenance.
  • Accredited service providers We are FPAS recognised with acknowledged skills that allow us to produce the highest quality of work to our clients.
  • Quality assured asset management systems We are dedicated to taking the fire services to the next level with our FireMate asset management plan.

We are the go-to team for your fire and smoke alarm system, reach out today!

Fire and Smoke Alarm System

Why do I need a Fire and Smoke Alarm System?

In South Australia, it is compulsory to have a fire and smoke alarm system fitted in all residential buildings. You must have a smoke alarm because the smoke reduces your vision and causes irritation to the eyes. This in combination with the negative effects of inhaling smoke can cause you to be disorientated, reducing your ability to find the exit.

Most fire-related deaths are caused by the consequence of inhaling the toxic gas rather than from the heat itself. By placing a fire and smoke alarm system in your home, will give off an early warning sign providing you with time to get out.

For declaration of quality, the MFS recommends you purchase an alarm that obeys Australian Standard 3786 or you can simply look for the ‘five ticks’ symbol on the packaging.

Choosing A Detector

To assist you to choose the appropriate detector for your property please go to our page Home Smoke Alarms here you will find various types of detectors to choose from.

For commercial property owners or those who require proof of service for record-keeping, we suggest you consider the Brooks AudioLink range.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Only a working fire and smoke alarm system will be there to save you and your family in the result of a fire. That is why it is vital to service your smoke alarm monthly and yearly.

Monthly: you can test it by holding down the test button until you can hear a loud alert. If you are unable to reach your alarm consider using a broom while being gentle enough to not damage it.

Yearly: There are a few tasks you should do every year to maintain your alarm including, vacuuming around the alarm vents with a soft brush to remove build-up. Use an insect spray around the area to avoid insects living inside and lastly, replace your 9 -volt battery each year on 1 April.

It is also important to note that every 10 years your smoke alarm is replaced to ensure your safety.

Staying safe in a dangerous situation is what we are all about! For your fire and smoke alarm system choose Fire System Services and contact our friendly team today to discuss what we can do for you on 1300 883 473.

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