Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Are you looking to generate that special moment to announce the gender reveal if it’s a Boy or a Girl?

Smoke Fx – That’s What We Do

Fire System Services are the Australian Importers and distributors of the Bjornax range of smoke bombs.

Bjornax smoke emitters are a premium range of gender-reveal smoke-generating products focusing on producing a smoke emitter with high performance and low toxicology.

The smoke emitters are not fitted with primers, fuses, squibs, or other activating devices.

When you work with us, you can be assured you will receive high-quality service and care from our friendly technicians, who assist you with all your needs to help you with your Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Requirements in Australia.

To view our full range of Smoke Emitters or obtain MSDS, please see Smoke Emitters. 

Environmental Work Statement

Our Smoke Emitters are SAFE | RELIABLE  | NON-TOXIC, If it’s not Bjornax – Don’t Chance It!   

Keeping you and your baby safe, The ongoing performance improvement of products and production regarding safety, health, and environmental impact is integral to our day-to-day work to approach sustainability.

BJÖRNAX’s Eco-friendly goal, which focuses on the development of products with lower environmental impact; improved energy efficiency at our production plant; decreased use of natural resources/raw materials, and reduced emissions waste; all this is the logical step in better products that can work hand in hand with a sustainable environment.

Pyrotechnic Regulations

Bjornax’s Range of Smoke bombs is classified as a 1.4s Smoke Generator. No licences are required to purchase or use these items.

Bjornax Range of smoke bombs do not fall under Flares or Emergency Signalling devices; there are no restrictions in operating these items.

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Smoke Effects for All Types of Usage

  • Gender Reveals
  • Special Effects Displays
  • Photography Effects
  • Special Events such as Weddings
Blue Smoke being used in a wedding photography

Gender Reveal Smoke Emitters Sales