Scuba & BA Cylinder Air Fills

What Do We Do?

As accredited service providers, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services technicians are here to perform your Scuba & BA, Air Cylinder Fills, and Testing in Adelaide.

We operate and manage an approved gas cylinder test station, number 720.
We are focusing and specialising in all aspects of Scuba & BA Air Gas Cylinder Tests and Refills.

With more than 35 years of experience, we can help you with your needs for air refills for Scuba & BA gas cylinders.

When you work with us, you can be assured you will receive high-quality service and care from our friendly technicians, who assist you with all your needs to help you with your Scuba & BA Air Gas Cylinder Requirements in Adelaide.

SCUBA Cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Air Scuba & Breathing Apparatus cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Are all Air Gas Cylinders the Same

Our licensed gas cylinder test station and capabilities allow us to test and refill high-pressure Scuba & BA air gas cylinders.  Ranging from Scuba steel or aluminum cylinders to composite SCBA gas cylinders.

There are four various Air Gas cylinders available for use with High-Pressure Air.

  • 200bar Seemless Aluminium SCUBA Cylinder
  • 200bar Seemless Steel SCUBA Cylinder
  • 300bar Seemless Steel SCUBA Cylinder
  • 300bar Composite SCBA Cylinder
Testing Requirements

The seamless SCUBA Aluminium & Steel test cycle is on a (1) yearly basis.

The composite SCBA Cylinder test cycle is on a (5) five-yearly basis.
NB: It should be noted the Composite Bottles have a life cycle of (15) fifteen years from the date of manufacture. 

Imported New Cylinders

It should be noted that by the Gas Cylinder Test Scheme and AS2337 & AS2030.

A new cylinder must be tested, and bear a current Australian Gas Cylinder Test Stamp prior to the first fill.

Before getting re-gassed, any older cylinders must be checked to see if the Gas Cylinder Test Stamp is current.

Example of an Australian Gas Cylinder Test Stamp Test Station mark for gas cylinder testing.

Failing to do so leaves the operator and the re-filler at risk of injury and prosecution if someone is injured.

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Our Services

The Company offers the following services for Air Cylinder Fills.

  • 200bar & 300bar Air Fills
  • Air Bank Cylinder Refills
  • SCUBA Air Pistol Cylinder Refills
  • Composite SCBA Gas Cylinder Repairs
  • Gas Cylinder Valve Replacements & Repairs
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

We can help if you have imported a gas cylinder from overseas and must meet compliances to refill it according to the Gas Cylinder Test Scheme.

Scuba & BA Air Cylinders Out Of Date & Need A Test?