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About Us

FSS Group of companies combines more than 35 years of safety expertise with state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled workforce to give customers confidence in their systems.

The three divisions (Fire System Services, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services, Aviation Fire Systems Australia) help compose and make up the company’s intellectual property to work in a vast array of the market for private & commercial needs as well as state & federal government needs.


Chronological Timeline

Fire System Services was founded by the current CEO Mr Nick Papamichael over 35 years ago.

1990 – 2000

1999:  Fire System Services was founded by the current CEO Mr Nick Papamichael almost 25 years ago.  He commenced his career in the Fire Protection Industry in 1992 and having acquired multi-skill sets within the industry he started the Company.
This successfully allowed Fire System Services to be branded as a recognisable Fire Safety Service provider within the South Australian marketplace.

To establish the Company’s full potential, in the Late 1990s Fire System Services was able to obtain a Licensed Cylinder Test Station, a Company trading as National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services.

2000 – 2022

2004:  To establish the Company’s full potential, Fire System Services was able to obtain a Licensed Gas Cylinder Test Station GCTS720 trading as National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services.

This allowed Fire System Services to branch into workshop activities involving high-pressure, and hydrostatic pressure testing services.

2009:  The Company was approached by the Commonwealth of Australian to start assisting in various projects in testing & certifying various assets owned and maintained by the Dept of Defence, Defence Contractors, and CSIRO, resulting in the establishment of Aviation Fire Systems Australia in approx. 2014

2022 – 2023

2022:  Fire System Services relocated to a modern office & workshop with increased capacity.

2023:  The Company was awarded a Certificate of Approval CAR-30 by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA to provide cylinder testing services for non-scheduled air transport operations to the General Aviation Sector.

Long Term Vision   

The future vision is to expand the workshop facility providing Aviation Services with a Part 145 capability in Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Non-Destructive testing Via Radiography within one facility.


Fire System Services provides tailored solutions to make fire protection, electrical, and mechanical compliance straightforward with the aid of Uptick Asset Management Software.

Paperless Digital cloud-based reporting allows customers to get up-to-date reports quickly with easily readable accurate data.

We understand the impact an emergency in a workplace can have on individuals, their families, and businesses and how complex the regulations can be.

Fire System Services minimises the risks to life and property through training, correct installation, and the maintenance of systems working with a Quality Assurance Scheme by the relevant standards.

Workshop Activities involving cylinder retesting programmes allow our customers to assist with their environmental policies for greenhouse footprint by not deposing expired fire extinguishers & agents to landfill.
Having your fire extinguishers retested & refilled is the right choice.     

Compliance with Fire System Services:  Inspect / Certify / Protect.

Fire System Services offer a full turnkey solution for all Essential Safety Provisions, Fire & Safety maintenance requirements and can assist with:

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a friendly and professional service through our open manner and personal approach to your fire protection requirements. We aim to meet our deadlines and complete projects in a timely manner.

Fire System Services holds FPAS accreditation, giving our clients peace of mind that all our technicians are fully competent and hold a Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing.

Our customer base encompasses a wide range of commercial and industrial outlets including shopping centres, hotels, motels and apartments. We also are the preferred supplier for a number of Adelaide-based building & construction companies, real estate/strata managers and property developers.

fire extinguisher testing
Gas Cylinders Undergoing Hydrostatic Testing

Our Facility

With a licensed gas cylinder test station workshop based locally in Wingfield South Australia, we are able to cater to walk-in services.

Managing a modern facility with over 300 square meters of floor space with high ceilings we are able to handle a variety of various sized gas cylinders.

Ranging from test & tagging of fire extinguishers to Hydrostatic Pressure Testing or Non-Destructive Testing via Eddy Current, Dye Penetrant or Radiography Testing.

Our plant equipment allows us to handle and lift up to 3000l water capacity gas cylinders & test as high as 80,000kPa / 11,603psi or as low as 1000kPa / 145psi.

Also applying Quality Assurance Testing by data logging the hydrostatic test, allows us to be able to test for various types of projects.

Our Carbon Footprint

Fire System Services aim to minimise their carbon footprint as much as possible by bringing in measures such as:

  • Using non-PFAS environmentally friendly foam concentrate
  • Disposing of all PFAS foams in intermediate bulk containers
  • Retesting and refurbishing expired fire extinguishers where practical
  • Using a Dry Powder re-atomisation process for Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguishers to reduce wastage of Dry Chemical Powder going to landfill
  • Recapturing and reusing Carbon Dioxide gases where practical
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