Fire Extinguishers Maintenance And Inspection

Fire System Services—Your Trustworthy Maintenance and Inspection Professionals for Fire Extinguishers

When you suspect your fire extinguishers are already faulty, outdated, or ineffective, choose qualified professionals for all your maintenance and inspection needs. Our team at Fire System Services will test and maintain your prevention products according to Australian government standards.

By hiring us to perform your fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection, you can rest assured that your prevention products will work as intended. Our maintenance program includes testing equipment to verify compliance with standards, replacing and repairing all fire safety equipment, and recording all the jobs performed to provide your organisation with a certificate of inspection.

We are committed to delivering a quick and efficient response at Fire System Services. Our field staff are certified and highly trained for fire safety requirements. We can provide a full-service package on all types of fire extinguishers. Let our team maintain the safety of your property.

Fire Extinguishers Maintenance And Inspection
Fire Extinguishers Maintenance And Inspection

All About Our Maintenance and Inspection Services for Fire Extinguishers

You need maintenance and inspection services for your property’s fire extinguishers because they are your immediate solution to small fires as you evacuate people from the area. According to the building code written on OHS&W legislation and regulations, every building, workplace, and vehicle needs fire extinguishers.

Not all fire extinguishers can handle all types of fires, so you need maintenance and inspection services from professionals such as Fire System Services. We can do a free review of your site and inform you about the points requiring fire prevention products.

Maintenance is necessary after you install your fire extinguishers. The South Australian regulations and legislation outline all the requirements. These include semi-annual inspections, yearly discharge and recharge of water and foam extinguishers, cylinder pressure tests, and recharge performed every five years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Maintenance and Inspection Services for Fire Extinguishers

Do you have questions regarding fire extinguishers and our maintenance and inspection services? Here are the common enquiries.

Which maintenance and inspection service should I choose if my fire extinguishers are outdated?

Our team provides hydrostatic testing of obsolete fire extinguishers. You may send in your fire extinguishers for testing and refilling as well. Our experts offer a Swap & Go service, which involves replacing like for like.

Is your team part of the law enforcement?

Not. We know that some operators give a fake impression that they represent a task force directly under the Australian government. We are simply service providers. In other words, our maintenance and inspections are performed while keeping the country’s standards in mind. A Certificate of Inspection is something we provide as well.

If you have experienced heavy-handed tactics from a service provider’s employee, we highly recommend you look for another provider or call us!

Fire Extinguishers Maintenance And Inspection

For all your fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection needs, choose Fire System Services. Call us to book an appointment.

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