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As accredited service providers, the technicians at Fire System Services, aka Aviation Fire Systems Australia, are here to assist you with your Aviation Aircraft & Helicopter Fire Extinguisher Extinguisher requirements in Australia.

We operate and manage an approved aviation services workshop gas cylinder test station, number 720.
We are focusing and specialising in all aspects of Charter and Scheduled Aviation for Aircraft Planes, Helicopters fire extinguisher sales, service, and refills.

With more than 35 years of experience, we can help you with your needs for Aircraft Fire Extinguishers.

When you work with us, you can be assured you will receive high-quality service and care from our friendly technicians, who assist you with all your needs to help you with your Aviation Aircraft  Fire Extinguishers Requirements in Australia.

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Aircraft Cabin Fire Extinguishers

“Forbes Magazine reports: A Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando was diverted to Jacksonville suffers a lithium battery in a personal device caught fire in an overhead bin”.

Everyone understands the issues of Fire onboard an Aircraft.

In Australia, regardless of whether the regulations require a Fire Extinguisher or not, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) recommends at least one Fire Extinguisher be fitted to an aircraft and that it will be accessible to a pilot.

The fire extinguisher mainly sold for aviation use is a Vaporising Liquid fire extinguishing agent known as Halotron as a Portable Fire Extinguisher: Halotron Brx.

Fire rating requirement: An Australian 1B:E (or a US rating 1B:C) rating should be considered as the minimum extinguishing rating. If the cabin area is larger than 5.6 m3 (200ft3), a 5B:E rating is required.

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Real Pilot Story: Fire In The Cockpit 

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Aircraft Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher

The Lith-Ex Aviation Aircraft Lithium Battery Fire extinguisher is designed to combat lithium-ion battery fires.

A unique solution to an otherwise unsolved problem. Adequate lithium-ion battery fire protection designed and tested to tackle the dangers of battery fires across various applications.

The revolutionary extinguishing agent AVD is designed to cool excessive heat and suppress flames in their infancy to help prevent re-ignition and shutdown of fully established fires.

  • Designed for lithium-ion battery fires
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces risk of re-combustion
  • Safe and reliable
  • Uses Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD) technology
AVD Agent

AVD is specifically designed to solve the threat caused by lithium-ion battery fires. Defend against damage and safely control the flames with Lith-Ex AVD, the first lithium-ion battery fire protection choice.

Lith-Ex AVD is a pioneering fire extinguishing agent that has been tried and tested as an adequate lithium-ion battery fire protection.

Lith-Ex AVD fire suppression technology is suitable for use in factories, offices, and other locations with significant lithium-ion battery devices.

Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD) – a revolutionary and non-toxic extinguishing agent, is deployed as a mist, which then creates a film over the surface that instantly dries to prevent re-ignition, creates an oxygen barrier, and cools down the flames. The Lith-Ex AVD fire extinguisher works where a powder extinguisher can’t.

The manufacturer has successfully type-tested AVD fire extinguishing agent on a 6.8 kWh battery module.

This equates to a small, domestic solar battery storage system or small hybrid Electric Vehicle with significantly more energy than lithium-ion power tools and electric bicycles.

Fire Extinguisher for Lithium Battery Fires
Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Overhauls (O/H) and Refills

When your aircraft’s portable fire extinguisher has expired,  Fire System Services aka Aviation Fire Systems Australias can conduct an overhaul, Retest, and Refill.

Our turnaround time is under a week,  Saving the company on “AOG” Aircraft On Ground, lost time and dollars.

A well-equipped workshop with over 300 square meters of floor space,  The workshop can perform various tasks, including non-destructive testing on numerous aircraft fuselage components, fixed-wing & rotary-wing, and associated equipment.

The facility has been certified by CASA for Aviation Services as a CAR-30 for Charter Aviation.

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