LPG Gas Bottle Refills Adelaide

What Do We Do?

As accredited service providers, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services technicians are here to perform your LPG Gas Bottle Refills in Adelaide.

We operate and manage an approved gas cylinder test station, number 720. We are focusing and specialising in all aspects of Gas Cylinder Refills and Testing.

With more than 35 years of experience, we can assist with all LPG Gas Cylinder requirements.

When you work with us, you will receive high-quality service and care from our friendly technicians, who assist you with all your needs to help you with your LPG Gas Bottle Refills in Adelaide.

If you’re LGP gas cylinders are out of date or wish to upgrade your old style POL Valve (Green Cap) to the new safety Vales LCC27 (Black Cap) type, contact us today.

Testing Requirements

For Steel, Stainless Steel, and Galvanised Bottles, the test cycle is on a (10) ten-yearly basis.

Composite Bottles’ test cycle is on a (5) five-yearly basis.
NB: It should be noted the Composite Bottles have a life cycle of (15) fifteen years from the date of manufacture.

Valve Replacements

The Valve is an important safety aspect of the LPG Bottle and must be replaced at the bottle’s test cycle interval.

  • The first safety aspect is the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), usually found built at the rear of the Cylinder Valve, depicted by a red plastic cap.
    The PRV is intended to operate when the LPG Bottle is subject to intense stress and the pressure builds to the point that the Bottle could face catastrophic failure and rupture.
  • PRV will normally operate around 2.58MPa / 2585KPa / 375psi, releasing the Bottle’s gas traffic to the atmosphere, thus preventing the cylinder from rupturing.
Valve Upgrade Requirements Oct 2021
  • The second safety feature, introduced in 2021, was with a new valve called Type LCC27; this replaced the old style valve called Type 21 POL Valve.
  • The safety aspect of the LCC27, it will not accidentally release LPG into the atmosphere if the Valve Tap is turned on.
  • The LCC27 requires the POL connector or an LCC27 connector to be inserted before LPG is released.

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fire extinguisher testingLPG BBQ Cylinder Valve Upgrade 2021

For all your LPG BBQ Bottle Refills in Adelaide.
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  • Primus 0.5kg Cylinder Test & Refills.
  • 4.5kg & 9.0kg BBQ Cylinder Refills.
  • 45kg LPG Cylinder Refills.
  • LPG Cylinder Testing.
  • LPG Valve Replacements.
  • LPG Cylinder Decanting for Transportation.


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