F500 Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher

Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher

As accredited service providers, the technicians at Fire System Services are here to assist you with your Fire Extinguishers Sales and Services, including Fire Extinguisher Refills in Adelaide.

We sell and service F500 Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguishers (CLASS A:B:F) for paper, flammable liquids, and Lithium Ion Battery fires.

Sizes Options available in 4.0 ltr, 9.0ltr.

“Effective protection against lithium-ion battery fires”.


The F500 fire extinguisher has been tested and approved to AS 1841.2 as a water-based extinguisher with an additive suitable for use on Class A, B and F fires. Testing witnessed by 3rd party approving bodies KIWA and BSI has also demonstrated F500’s effectiveness on lithium-ion battery capacities up to 600 Wh and 4.8kWh, respectively. When directed at a lithium-ion battery fire, it also provides a blanket to reduce toxic smoke emissions drastically.

We encourage you to discuss your fire needs with your fire service provider to ensure you are covered for all fire risks.


Due to the rising popularity of lithium-ion batteries, businesses and employees who commonly use products and devices powered by them must understand the associated safety hazards and basic handling and storage guidelines to avoid workplace fires and injuries.

  • 4 Litre & 9 Litre Extinguisher
  • Water Base
  • Bio-degradable


F500 encapsulates the flammable electrolytes, rendering them non-flammable.

Encapsulate Technology doesn’t simply bandage the issue at hand. By removing the electrolyte’s flammability and encapsulating the fuel, F500 drastically reduces the risk of re-ignition.


F500 droplets rapidly reduce heat

Independent testing has shown that F500 rapidly reduces temperature, effectively stopping thermal runaway.

This is crucial during lithium-ion fires, as every second counts. Each second lost could translate into more neighbouring cells rupturing, causing multiple explosions and putting lives on the line.


F500 reduces toxins, including hydrogen fluoride.

This is especially important for lithium-ion fires as the battery’s vapours can be life-threatening.

When lithium-ion batteries burn, they emit toxic fluoride gasses. Testing shows that when F500 is used, these gasses are drastically reduced.

For other types of fire extinguishers we sell and service, please visit our Fire Extinguishers & Blankets page.

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Fire Extinguisher for Lithium Ion Battery Fires

Lithium-ion Battery Vehicle Charging Stations 

At Fire System Services, we provide solutions with sales & services with F500 Fire Extinguishers for use on Lithium-ion Battery Fires for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

After Use Service & Refill

Have you used your fire extinguisher and require your lithium-ion battery fire extinguisher to be refilled or serviced?

The Fire System Services workshop is in Wingfield, South Australia. Customers can drop in their equipment for servicing.

Moreover, if attending our workshop is inconvenient, rest assured that one of our highly skilled service technicians can visit your site and efficiently swap it out for a fully recharged unit.

What are the Different Classes of Fires?

Types of fires are separated into six different classes, and categorising these can help you assess the kind of extinguisher you require for your, click on the link to view our selection chart.

Class A: Fires that involve carbonaceous solids,  This as wood, paper, cloth, and textiles.

Class B: Involves flammable and combustible liquids—petrol, oil, and paint.

Class C: Fires that involve combustible gases such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), butane, propane Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Class D: Involves combustible metals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and aluminum shavings.

Class E: These are electrical fires, such as electrical switchboards and computerised equipment.

Class F: Fires from cooking oils and fats in the kitchen.

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Fire Extinguisher Services Adelaide 

At Fire System Services, we provide sales & services to an extensive range of standard and specialty fire extinguishers and parts and accessories to cover your fire extinguisher services in Adelaide. Before purchasing one, it would be best to talk with us about what is best for your home or business.

Some of these include:

A:B: E Dry Chemical Powder This is one of the most common choices in Australia for its ability to tackle many different types of fires and its effectiveness compared to its low cost.

Carbon Dioxide Typically used For Class E & F fires, ideal for kitchen fires, small flammable liquid, and electrical fires only as they work by shifting oxygen.

Fire Blanket Typically used for Kitchen Fires involving Human Torch Fires (Clothing), Class F cooking oils, and fat fires. One we recommend having in your household.

Foam – Typically used for Class F fires, including Fuel Fires, Flammable and combustible Liquids.

Vermiculite – Typically used for Class D fires Lithium Batteries. This type of fire extinguisher is ideal for combatting lithium battery fires within factory or office spaces.

Water – Typically used for Class A fires, including Paper, Wood, Materials, and textiles.

Water Mist – Typically used for Class A & E fires. Water Mist is the ultimate extinguisher for Class A fires and where a potential Class E (electrical) hazard exists.

The Water Mist extinguishers contain de-ionized water (sold separately), making them the best for protecting hospital environments, telecommunication facilities, and “clean room” manufacturing facilities.

Wet Chemical – Typically used for Class F fires, including cooking oils and deep fat fryers, ideally found alongside Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Essential Safety Equipment for commercial kitchens.

For fire extinguisher sales & services in Adelaide, it is essential to conduct your research to ensure your home or business is covered in case of an emergency.

Fire Extinguishers Are Required To Be Test & Tagged Every (6) Six months.