Annual Fire Safety Statements

As accredited service providers, Fire System Services will assist you with all your Annual Fire Safety Statements and Essential Safety Provisions Maintenance Requirements in Adelaide.

With more than 35 years of experience, we can help you with your Form 3 and Annual Fire Safety Statements for Commercial & Industrial Buildings needs.

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What is the Annual Fire Safety Statement?

Essential Safety Provisions (ESP) are a standard part of owning a commercial or multi-unit residential building and are critical for the property’s and its occupants’ safety.

ESP are fire safety items that prevent the spread of fire and allow for effective evacuation in an emergency, such as fire extinguishers, non-flammable linings, and exit doors.

An Annual Fire Safety Statement, when issued, certifies that:

  • Each essential fire safety measure in the building has been assessed by an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) for Fire Safety Assessment.
  • Each essential fire safety measure in the building was found to be capable of performing to a standard no less than that to which the action was initially or subsequently designed and
  • The Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) in Fire Safety Assessment has assessed all paths of travel to the exits, including the exit doors, and advised of the status, in connection with the Environmental Planning & AssessmentRegulations, at the time of the

Comprehensive fire safety assessment

Fire System Services Fire Safety Assessment: Determine when the fire safety measures were installed in your building and research the performance standards applicable at the time (not today’s standards).

The inspection identifies whether:

  • The fire systems listed on the council’s schedule exist on your premises and are correctly listed by the council
  • The fire systems can perform to the relevant Australian Standards and legislation
  • Changes to building structure or use affect fire system performance
  • The fire equipment is correctly located and has no apparent damage
  • The routine inspection, testing, and servicing are being performed, and any defects found have been rectified
  • The status of the paths of travel to the exits, including the exit doors, in connection with the relevant state

Form 3 Essential Safety Provisions

If you need information on Form 3 reporting for the local council, please take a look at our page Form 3 – ESP Maintenance Compliance.

fire extinguisher testing AS1851 South Australian regulatory requirements

Fire Extinguishers Maintenance And Inspection
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With the aid of Uptick asset maintenance software, Fire System Services can assist Companies and businesses with their requirements for Compliance Reporting with the Schedule of Essential Safety Provisions, Form 3 – ESP Maintenance Verification & Annual Fire Safety Statements.

A necessary provision in Australian Standard AS1851 Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment is to keep records of the service work carried out as evidence that the systems and equipment fit the intended purpose.

When the service work has been completed for each system and equipment, the consolidated reports for each design and equipment provide evidence that the required service has been satisfactorily completed or that failures have been noted or rectified.

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