Defence Maintenance Services

Our Services Include:

  • Asset Procurement

  • Defense Aviation Fire Equipment

  • Aircraft Oxygen Cylinders

  • Fire & Smoke Detection Systems

  • Life Raft Maintenance & Certification

  • High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

Army Helicopter

Defence Maintenance Services


FSS Group of Companies, Fire System Services Defence Div was established to cater to the needs of the Australian Defence Force. This division prides itself on its comprehensive understanding of the diversity & sensitivity of the Australian Defence Force.

The Company has achieved ITAR Clearances by the United States & Australian Governments, and having received NATO status, we are regularly asked to partake in various roles to inspect, service and certify multiple assets used by the Australian Defence Force.

To understand the company’s capabilities, please click here to view our quad chart.

Maintenance Services for Defence Assets include:

F/A-18 Classic Super Hornets | BAE Hawk | Boeing EA-18 Growler | C-130J Hercules | Lockheed Martin P-3 Orions | Collins Class Submarines | M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Royal Australian Navy

The company has been associated with the  Royal Australian Navy with providing maintenance associated with the Collins Class Submarines.

Maintenance services include

Life Support Systems: testing Breathable Air Hose Lines & Cylinders | Escape Sets.

Mechanical Services: testing Air Receiving Cylinders |   Water Coolers Modules | Hydraulic Accumulator Cylinders | Towed Array Sonar.

RAN Aircraft Carrier Sydney

Royal Australian Army

The company has been associated with Joint Logistics Div from  Royal Australian Army with providing maintenance associated with Urban Vehicles as the APC M113.

Maintenance services include testing vehicles Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression systems.

Royal Australian Air Force

Aviation Fire Systems Australia has had a long-standing relationship with the Royal Australia Air Force both as a tier 1 & tier 2 Company

Aircraft Aviation Services:

MK14 Martin Barker Ejection Seats POB

Testing “POB” Portable Oxygen Bottle, FA 18 Hornet Ejection Seats.

Weapon Systems

Testing aircraft equipment associated with the onboard weapons systems.

Life Rafts Systems

Testing and refilling inflation cylinders for the aircraft’s life raft systems.

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