Aviation Fire Systems Australia

Our Services Include:

  • Asset Procurement

  • Aviation Fire Equipment

  • Aviation Oxygen Cylinder Testing

  • Aircraft Fire & Smoke Detection Systems

  • Life Raft Maintenance & Certification

  • High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

Aircraft Component Maintenance

About Aviation Fire Systems Australia

Aviation Fire Systems Australia (AFSA) is a subsidiary division of Fire System Services Pty Ltd. AFSA was developed to provide sustainment in the field of aircraft component maintenance services. Our services range from aircraft fire safety, oxygen life support cylinders, inflation cylinders to structural testing of aviation hydraulic pressure lines.

The workshop is able to perform non-destructive testing to various components of aircraft fuselage, fixed wing & rotary wing and associated equipment. In addition, our Licensed Aviation Maintenance Engineers (LAME) can sign off and release all of the associated equipment.

We are also able to assist with our sister company National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services in providing service in the realm of quality assured data logged structural pressure testing. Our workshop capabilities allow us to provide a quality service in relation to hydrostatic pressure testing and our expertise allows us to obtain extremely accurate testing from .05MPa up to 1,000MPa, 500kPa up to 100,000kPa and 5bar up to 1,000bar.

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services has been servicing the aviation community since 2005.

Aircraft Component Maintenance Capabilities

Aircraft Hoses & Tubing

Aviation Fire Systems Australia has the capability of testing and certifying aircraft hoses:

Flex Lines | Fixed Stainless Steel Tubing.

gas bottle testing adelaide
RAAF Aviation Oxygen Cylinder for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Aviation Oxygen Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic test, re-certify & clean various oxygen cylinders. With special washing and drying techniques, we are able to offer oxygen cylinders tested and cleaned, ready to use with oxygen gas.

Aviation Inflation Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic retest and refill all types of inflation cylinders from Marine Life Raft cylinders to Aviation & Aerospace cylinders for Slide, Life Rafts, Gear Blowdown, or Emergency door opening, National Hydro / Aviation Fire Systems Australia can help with your maintenance needs.


Aviation Inflation Cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
LPG Hot Air Balloon Cylinders for 10 Yearly Testing
Aviation LPG Hot Air Balloon Cylinders

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can hydrostatic retest and certify Hot Air Balloons cylinders.

Aircraft Fire Bottles

Aviation Fire Systems Australia can certify and test aircraft fire bottles.

Amerex Aviation Fire Extinguisher

Give us a call to check whether your aviation fire systems are in-tact and reliable!