National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services

Our Services Include:

  • Air Banks & Air Receivers

  • Automotive & Forklift LPG Cylinders

  • Aviation & Aerospace Cylinders

  • BBQ Cylinders

  • CO² Home Brewing & Paintball Cylinders

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Gas Sampling Cylinders

  • Life Raft Inflation Cylinders

  • LPG Aviation Hot Air Balloon Cylinders

  • SCBA/SCUBA Cylinders

  • Oxygen Cylinders

  • Vehicle Foam Suppression Cylinders

XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

About National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services operates and manages an approved and licensed cylinder test station GCT 720 audited by SAI Global.
The station is certified to test the following: Automotive LPG, Composite, Seamless and Welded and Brazed Cylinders.

Qualified and experienced staff, who are approved signatories, carry out low-pressure and high-pressure testing on:
Gas Cylinders  |  Air Hoses  |  Hydraulic Pipe and Tubing  |  Water and Gas Pipes and Spools  |  Firefighting Cylinders & Fire Extinguishers.

Regarding fire extinguishers, we fill and service most brands, models, and types of firefighting cylinders. Testing and certification of existing cylinders allows continued use, saving the importation of replacements and achieving reduced scrap or landfill. It is cost-effective and good for the environment.

**Reliable Hydrostatic Pressure Tests with the XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge** 

For all quality assurance, our station has invested in crystal engineering XP2i data log pressure gauges. Being one of the most accurate test gauges available on the market, and offering data logging capabilities, it allows us to offer a service to meet all quality assurance requirements as Hydrostatic Pressure Tests are rigorous safety assessment to ensure that gas pressurised cylinders, pipelines, spools, and other pressurised equipment can operate and sustain their test pressure levels. It’s important to collect, analyse, and store the data gathered from these tests to optimize performance and ensure quality in the future.

Test Station Capabilities

Inflation Cylinders

We have the extensive capability and experience to retest and refill all types of inflation cylinders from Marine Life Raft cylinders to Aviation & Aerospace cylinders for Slide, Life Rafts, Gear Blowdown, or Emergency door opening, National Hydro / Aviation Fire Systems Australia can help with your maintenance needs.

Aviation Inflation Cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Air Scuba & Breathing Apparatus cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Breathing Air Cylinders & Hoses

We hydrostatically test & refill all types of breathing air cylinders, from SCUBA & Bailout Cylinders, Breathing Apparatus Cylinders ranging from Aluminum, Steel & Composite cylinders including all associated Air-Breathing Hoses and Lines.
In addition, we are able to offer customers full services for all of their Breathing Apparatus Sets.

Cascade Breathing Apparatus Air Systems

We can service various cascade breathing apparatus systems such as Dragger & Scotts.
In addition we can hydrostatic test and refills air bank cylinders including all associated Air-Breathing Hoses and Lines & Escape Set hoods.

Cascade breathing apparatus air systems found in Bush Fire Bunkers
Carbon Dioxide cylinders for hydrostatic testing
C02 Cylinders

We hydrostatically test & refill Carbon Dioxide cylinders for various applications:

Paintball Cylinders | Fish Tank Cylinders | Home Brewing Cylinders | Fire Fighting Cylinders | Scientific Use Cylinders.

Fire Protection Cylinders

We hydrostatically test & refill all types of fire protection gas cylinders for all types of applications:

Aviation Fire Bottles | Building Gas Suppression Systems | Foam Suppression Systems | Portable Fire Extinguishers | Marine Fire Suppression Systems | Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems.

Foam Fire Suppression Cylinders
LPG Cylinders for 10 yearly testing
LPG Cylinders

We conduct 10 yearly testings of all types of LPG Cylinders:

Automotive Cylinders | BBQ Cylinders | Forklift Cylinders | Hot Air Balloon Cylinders | SS Marine Cylinders

Oxygen Cylinder Testing

We hydrostatically test, re-certify & clean various oxygen cylinders. With special washing and drying techniques, we are able to offer oxygen cylinders tested and cleaned, ready to use with oxygen gas.

Aviation Oxygen Cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Pipeline Testing

We also offer a full range in the field of pipeline testing services. Our pipeline testing services are in accordance with AS2885, AS4041 & AS2337. Our hydrostatic testing equipment allows us to test as low as possible or as high as 100,000kPa / 100bar / 14,503psi for whatever test length the client requires.

We are able to test & certify pipe spools or long runs of pipelines for water or gas.

Prototypes and Scientific Vessels

We can also perform testing on different types of apparatus ranging from:

Water Heat Transfer Coolers | Gas Sampling Cylinders | Scientific Research Cylinders | Aerospace & Defence Cylinders.

Sample Cylinders for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
NDT Eddy Testing Equipment

NDT – Non Destructive Testing Services

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services uses two types of NDT, testing procedures within the test station, these two methods are used to test and recertify various gas cylinders.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing is used to detect surface and near-surface flaws in conductive materials.

This non-destructive testing technique is non-hazardous and commonly used in aluminium gas cylinders, these aluminium cylinders are used for SCUBA diving, firefighting, carbonating beverages and in the medical field. Some of these cylinders may develop cracks and may be seen during visual inspection.

Eddy current test system utilizes the eddy current test technique method which very effectively locates SUSTAINED LOAD CRACKING (SLC) in high-pressure aluminium cylinders.

These cracks can cause leaking and ultimately lead to catastrophic failure (explosion). Special Features Applications In sustained load cracking, small radial cracks start at the base of the threaded neck area and propagate toward the shoulder (the cylinder body) and up into the neck (threaded area) as the cracks grow deeper. Eventually, these cracks can become quite deep and can lead to tank rupture. Eddy current techniques can detect these cracks in the initial stages of formation long before there is any real hazard.

Visual Eddy – Eddy Current Tester

Dye Penetrant Inspections.

This non-destructive testing technique, also known as liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), is a cost-effective method used to locate surface-breaking flaws such as cracks, porosity, laps, seams, and other surface discontinuities. Dye penetrant inspection can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and all non-porous materials (metals, plastics, or ceramics).

Blasting and Painting Services

For cylinders that are structurally sound but need a cosmetic improvement, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services Partners with Defence Coating Systems and offers cylinder blasting and painting services.

After a cylinder has undergone and passed a hydrostatic test, Our cylinder blasting machines remove all the paint, scale, and exterior contaminations from the tank. The new, clean cylinder is then ready for our application of tough new paint.

Our Protective Coating is built on our ability to work to exact MIL-SPECS, our quality management system, and our ability to achieve the required outcomes for our clients.
With more than 15 years’ experience in powder coating offering a continuous conveyor line with an online iron phosphate pre-treatment system with the ability to process large volumes.

We are able to blast up to six metre lengths and a high volume of small parts through our tumble blaster. We offer a range of abrasive media including ceramic, steel shot, and garnet.

Gas Cylinder Repainting Services

Don’t compromise your safety! Contact us to arrange your cylinder testing today.

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