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Fast Tray - Fire Extinguisher Training Simulator


Fast Tray operational instructions

Fire Extinguisher TrainingFast Tray with Co2

This avi file shows the fast tray being used with a co2 fire extinguisher. It demonstrates that the tray will reignite after being extinguished.

Fast Tray flame height
This avi file shows the fast tray being used with the adjustable flame height.

Fast Tray readily simulates a fire for the purpose of fire extinguisher training. Fast Tray is a professional fire training apparatus designed by professionals in the fire training field for professionals and is manufactured by Fire System Services. The Fire Tray operates by igniting LPG to simulate a small fire. The flow of gas and flame is controlled with the flick of a switch, giving the trainer instant and total control of the LPG flame. With a state of the art electronic ignition system and no messing around with petroleum based fuels, this system provides for quick set up and stowing away. Due to the clean combustion of LPG the Fast Tray conforms to the Environmental Protection Association regulations.

So Why Purchase A Fast Tray?

Essential skills can be easily learnt when using the Fast Tray.
Offering large and small businesses alike a basic training session which includes the identification and correct selection of an extinguisher, approaching a fire and proper use of a fire extinguisher. This training session shows your clients/employees that you take workplace fire safety seriously and will educate and prepare them for a fire emergency situation.

Flammable and combustible materials can be identified in all places of work and realistic fire extinguisher training can ensure a safer working environment for employees. The Home Offices Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 state that employees should be able to operate any fire fighting equipment provided and sufficient numbers of employees should be trained in the use of fire extinguishers, particularly in areas where there are special risks.

In addition the Fast Tray was engineered and designed for robust and durability. Built for in the field in house maintenance, There is no need for the unit to be returned back to Fire System Services for maintenance, apart from electronics upgrade, or for Companies requiring the simulator to be certified for safety under Quality Assurance and OH&S.

Fast Tray - the way fire training should be!


Recently introduced a Large Heavy Duty controller with 12v 7amp sealed lead acid battery.
This controller is designed for those who need to train for longer periods and do not have adequate time for battery recharging.

  • 2 x types available Type A: 12v 1.2ah (as seen below) & Type B: 12v 7.0ah
  • Robust construction / heavy duty buttons
  • 12v Intelligent Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger
  • Mil Spec 5015 multipole connectors

Fast Tray

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Spark emitter safety cover
  • Quick connect LPG fittings
  • 1/4 braded armoured LPG Hose
  • Mil Spec 5015 multipole connectors
  • LPG adjustable flame regulator

  • Australian Made.
  • Low cost on going maintenance.
  • No hand lighting required.
  • EPA & Environmentally Friendly.
  • Propane (LPG) fueled , requires no solid combustibles.
  • No 240v electrical connections.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Quick Connect Gas Fittings.
  • Military Spec 5015 Multipole Connectors.
  • 9.0kg LPG bottle included (supplied empty).
  • 1/4 braded armoured LPG Hose.
  • Rapid Flame Knock Down: safety feature.
  • 12v Rechargeable Battery Operation (240v battery charger provided).
  • Very quick re-ignition time once the flame has been extinguished.
  • User friendly, extremely portable & quick set up features.
  • 660 x 660 x 550 road case with heavy duty carry handles.
  • Size of Tray 600mmW x 600mmL x 350mmH (Larger sizes can be ordered).



Flamebar (sold separately)


This avi file shows the flamebar being demonstrated.

The Flamebar creates a variable wall of flame which the height can be adjusted. At full height the flame can reach up to1.0m wide by 1.0m high depending on the air flow "wind".
Not to take away from the Fast Tray, the Flamebar can create a differnt demention to your fire simulation.


  • Australasian Fire Safety Training Consultants
  • Chubb Fire Training Victoria
  • Chubb Fire Training New South Wales
  • Chubb Fire Training Northern Territory
  • FSI Fire Training
  • Fire Equipment Maintenance Group
  • Firetac Australia
  • Glen Murray Emergency Response Training
  • Nowa Australia
  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Rio Tinto Mining
  • Riverland Fire & Safety
  • South Australian Country Fire Service
  • SE Fire Extinguisher Services