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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicle Racing Fire Extinguishers


Fire System Services can recertify, retest & refill your current fire extinguisher systems. We are able to service both mechanical or electrical systems, and refill all types of fire extinguishers from AFFF Foam, Novec, Dry Chemical Powder or Carbon Dioxide.

It's important to note; whilst your system is required to be recertified on a yearly basis, cylinders that are older than 5 years of age or older than 5 years from the last hydro test date are required to be re hydro tested on a 5 or 10 yearly cycle. This can take up to one (1) day or as long as three (3) weeks depending on the gas tariff / agent with in the cylinder. 


Commercial & Mining Earth Moving Fire Extinguishers



Fire System Services provides a service of vehicle fire suppression systems for all commercial & industrial vehicles.

We can review your vehicle fire suppression systems to ensure their continued effectiveness.  And we can help conduct a full risk assessment in accordance with AS5062-2006 to make sure your systems meet your requirements.

Maintenance of your System


Fire System Services offers full installation services with in South Australia.  We are able to service and maintain dry chemical powder, AFFF foam spray systems, vaporising liquid systems such as NAF S-III.

Regardless of the manufacturer, we can also service and repair all systems and provide call outs and routine maintenance.

With our workshop capabilities, if the cylinders are out of date we are able to hydrostatically test, rebuild and recommission the cylinders.